Oddly Enough

I caught a bit of Scarborough Country on MSNBC, and they were discussing US Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho) and his bathroom exploits. The discussion mentioned Craig's actions as described by the arresting officer (repeatedly putting his eye up to the crack between door and stall to peek in, foot tapping and touching, etc.)

At this point, Tucker Carlson mentioned that he had been bothered in a men's room. I suddenly remembered a road trip through Idaho a few decades ago. I was just trying to get comfortable on my seat in a restroom stall, when I noticed a small hole in the partition, and a creepy eye behind it. Being still a bit busy, I wadded up some toilet paper and stuffed it in the hole. This bought me only a little time, as the eye's finger poked it out - whereupon I fled and complained to the management, who allowed that they had indeed had a problem.

Macho girl that he is, Tucker was more direct - at least in his account. He recruited a few friends and went back into the restroom to beat the crap out of the perpetrator.

So, anyway, Senator - can I call you Larry? - if that was you back in Pocatello in 1978 or so, I apologize for not beating the crap out of you. Perhaps that would have saved you from your subsequent life of crime.

I've never really liked Idaho ever since.


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