Doofus or Dastard?

The liberal blogosphere is pissed at McCain for revealing something of Obama's itinerary in Iraq. Since an American presidential candidate would be a prime al Quaeda target, this was a pretty bad thing to do - loose lips sink ships.

Hilzoy has some comments.

This is not just another screwup from McCain. It is very, very serious. There are things you are just Not Supposed To Talk About. This is one of them. If McCain doesn't have the common sense, the decency, and the discipline not to talk about them, that's a very serious problem. Since I'm not willing to assume he did this out of malice, I have to conclude that he just let this slip. But if he were President, we would need to count on him not to let things like this slip. Apparently, we can't. And that's a very big deal.

Since he has already revealed himself as a doofus who wants to be President in the worst way, does it matter? If the American people elect another idiot, one can hardly claim that they shouldn't have seen this coming.


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