Exceeding Himself

Just when you think that George Bush has plumbed the ultimate depths of cluelessness, he tops himself with this gem due to Atrios:

8 days left of this absurd tiny man.

One thing Bush hadn't shared previously was his thinking about Hurricane Katrina, which up until the financial crisis was seen as his biggest domestic failure.

"I've thought long and hard about Katrina; you know, could I have done something differently," he said. Like what? "[L]ike land Air Force One either in New Orleans or Baton Rouge."

Yeah, maybe you didn't play the PR quite right.

A short list:

  1. Two years before: appoint somebody other than Skeletor to head Homeland Security. Comic book villains are usually a poor choice for key national security posts.
  2. Six months before: Appoint an experienced emergency manager head of FEMA instead of a political crony who failed at every job he had.
  3. Two months before, when it became clear a very severe hurricane season was coming: Preposition emergency response materials. Train emergency responders.
  4. Five days before, when it became clear that a terrible hurricane was going to hit the Gulf Coast: Call up emergency responders, prepare evacuation plans - and put away the f****** air guitar.
  5. Day after, when the scope of the disaster was clear - send in troops, emergency supplies, airlift food and water.
  6. One week after, when CNN and Fox had been there for six days documenting the dead and dying, but no hint of federal aid had yet appeared: Shoot Skeletor, shoot Brownie, send in the goddamn aid.
  7. One month after: stop trying to use the diaster as an excuse to funnel money to political cronies and bury the dead.
  8. One year after: send the aid you promised.


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