Detainee Abuse

One reason I thought Bush should have been impeached was his decision to let low level soldiers take the rap for the crimes he and Cheney commissioned. Now it looks like Holder and Obama are looking to do the same thing with abuses perpretrated by the CIA - holding the low level torturers soley responsible for the crimes of Cheney, Yoo, Addington and Bush.

Some hack from Duke's so-called "Law School" was on NPR trying to explain and defend this outrage this morning. What an incoherent fraud. His logic - Congress wrote the law in such a way that anyone who relied on a justice department opinion could not be prosecuted, so that Yoo, who wrote that opinion, has a perfect defense in relying on a justice department opinion. Steve Inskeep asked an obvious question "So if Yoo had said murder was OK, it would have been OK?" The puke from Duke evaded the question.


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