The Wrong Role

Obama seems to be a man bent on playing Lincoln, when the casting call clearly asked for an FDR. His instinct for compromise and tendency to turn the other cheek emboldens his enemies and dismays his supporters. The economy crumbles around us, and the Republicans see in it the scent of victory. Obama, who was supposed to be a great communicator, is instead the great and yawning silence.

What's needed now is more like the great punisher. The economy calls for drastic action, but leaderless Democrats dither and Republicans obstruct with seeming impunity. If Obama wants to rise to the challenge of his presidency, "no drama Obama" needs to bring some fire and brimstone and pour it on his opponents. He has got to stop seeing his differences with the Republicans less as issues of debate and more of good and evil - when your opponent lies and distorts with every utterance, it's crazy to keep acting as if you and your opponent are having a difference of opinion.

Gentlemen may cry peace, peace, but there is no peace.


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