My Summer Vacation: By Barack Obama

It could have been like this:
July 12, 2011
Statement by the President:

Despite the fact that Congress has approved every penny of our country’s budget expenditures, a determined minority in the Republican House has decided to attempt to hold the country hostage to their Cam0paign against Medicare and Social Security by refusing to raise the debt ceiling to accommodate those already approved expenditures. Should they fail to pass a debt ceiling increase, very drastic cutbacks will be needed in every aspect of our expenditures. In view of Congressional inaction, that duty falls on the President.

I have therefore directed my cabinet to prepare a contingency plan for that eventuality. It is an extremely painful contingency that will hurt virtually every American. In particular, it will be necessary to furlough most government workers and cancel most government contracts. We will continue to honor our obligations on government debt. Our soldiers will continue to be paid and supplied. Most government facilities not running at a profit will be closed, including all parks and recreation areas, and all non urgent services. All military contracts not needed to supply our soldier’s near term needs will be suspended, as will government payments to schools, state highway programs and similar activities.

Unfortunately, even these very drastic cuts will not permit us to balance our near term budget. I bitterly regret that Congress’s reckless action will also force dramatic reductions in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid payments. Social security payments will be capped at $600 per month. Medicare and Medicaid will only pay for emergency or life sustaining care.

The President has done what he can to prepare for this. It is now up to Congress to decide if they really want to launch the country in this direction. My family and I will now take a brief vacation – I want to be rested for the big mess to deal with should I return to find Congress still bent on this suicidal plan.

If you find these measures as unacceptable as I do, let your Congressperson know. The ball is in their court.


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