Eight Idiots In Search of a Nomination

Andrew Sullivan finds a quote in Der Spiegel:

"Africa is a country. The Taliban rule in Libya. Muslims are terrorists. Immigrants are mostly criminals, Occupy Wall Street protesters are always dirty. And women who claim to have been sexually molested should kindly keep quiet." Welcome to the wonderful world of the Republican Party. Or rather: to the distorted world of its presidential campaign.

For months it has coiled through the country like a traveling circus, from debate to debate, from scandal to scandal, contesting the mightiest office in the world — and nothing is ever too unfathomable for them… These eight presidential wannabes are happy enough not only to demolish their own reputations but also that of their party, the once worthy party of Abraham Lincoln. They are also ruining the reputation of the United States. They lie, deceive, scuffle and speak every manner of idiocy. And they expose a political, economic, geographic and historical ignorance compared to which George W. Bush sounds like a scholar...

I mostly blame our cowardly and ignorant press for this spectacle. I watched Senator Pat Toomey (R,PA) on ABC's This Week last Sunday spouting an absurd sequence of lies about the budget under Bush and Obama last week while Christiane Amanpour meekly sat there like the idiot she apparently is (on subjects other than the Middle East). It's contemptible that these dolts feel they can't ask hard questions or challenge obvious lies.


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