Tooth Fairy Economics

Say what? Tyler Cowen makes the case for the tooth fairy.

I believe people should take more seriously the notion that the ECB will remain hopeless, and that the crisis can only be addressed by some kind of joint US-German-UK-toss-in-the-other-sound-countries radical multilateral move. Which is not to say I am predicting that. But at least in principle, those three countries can get something done and they also have stronger common interests than those across the eurozone, sorry to say.

Just to make the comparison biting, what if we postponed the costly benefits part of ACA for a year (it may be struck down anyway) and send $200 billion directly to Spain and its banks? Is more money needed? Use this as an excuse to get rid of farm subsidies and cut defense spending. Surely the Germans would then chip in too, and perhaps even the Chinese, if we made the donors club sound exclusive and toney enough. Drop hints about various silly islands (not Taiwan).

Given that Congress and the general population can't even be persuaded to save the American economy, he thinks they might be persuaded to borrow money to save Spain?


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