Wholly Fictitious Dialog

Me: I don't think Altamont (December 6, 1969) was that funny.

WB: I thought it was a riot.

SC: Bazinga

Altamont (December 6, 1969) was supposed to be the West Coast Woodstock, but it ended poorly. Because the stage wasn't elevated, the Rolling Stones gave the Hell's Angels $500 worth of free beer to sit on the stage and keep overly aggressive fans off. This combination turned out to be a sub-optimal choice. The fans were high on some mean drugs, and fights quickly broke out. Numerous fans and several performers were significantly injured in the mayhem, by each other and the Hell's Angels. The violence culminated when an enraged teen-aged fan, high on methamphetamine, charged the stage and drew a pistol, perhaps with the intent of killing Mick Jagger. One of the Hell's Angels stabbed him to death before he managed to do anything.

Bad feelings ensued all around.


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