It's All Rock'n Roll...

Jack Hamilton, who is apparently a music/culture critic for Slate, seems to think that Led Zepplin was the most influential rock band of all time. This caught my eye because I couldn't remember ever hearing any of their stuff. Of course I've never been a connoisseur of pop culture, but I guess there was a period when I just tuned out.

Rock and Roll was invented by black performers around 1950, but for me, it started in with Rock Around the Clock in 1955. The seventies, for me, were grad school, marriage, and figuring out how to work for a living - I guess I missed the music.

So anyway, I thought I ought to listen to Stairway to Heaven. I guess it won't come as a surprise to the cognoscenti that it's a great song - though it didn't sound much like R&R until about the 4:20 mark.


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