Guessing Game

With Republicans firmly in control of Congress, will they feel some pressure to do something, or just stick with the do nothing obstruction that has apparently served them so well. I'm guessing that the latter is strongly favored, especially with Obama likely to continue his wimpy approach to everything. Specifics:

Climate action: dead, dead, dead, gone. Big pro-climate action spending failed to move the needle an iota.

Immigration: A lot of Republican voters are going to be mad as hell if anything like immigration reform happens. Most likely result is a bunch of non-reform immigration bills that get vetoed.

Obamacare: probably not repealed but quite possibly crippled - maybe with an assist from the Supremes.

The Wars: If Obama has any sense, he will force Congress to vote on a series of war powers acts. I don't expect it.

The Surveillance State: What surveillance state? Nothing to see here. Nobody here but us chickens. Move right along.

Job creation: More tax cuts for the ultra-rich.

Student loan debt. Highly indebted students will be sold into slavery.

Wall Street shenanigans. Greed again good. Really good.

Your guess is as good as mine. Please submit below. But you will probably not be right.


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