A few questions and remarks re the Republican clown show.

What happened to Maria B's face and hair?

Only the WSJ guy asked any real questions. The others were pure softball pitches.

Didn't matter since hardly anybody bothered to answer the question asked.

Trump and Carson got the kid glove treatment. Bush still looked like the mail boy who accidentally walked into the board meeting.

Questions by Bartiromo were as deranged as her hair. Nearly all had transparently false premises.

Cruz and Rubio looked marginally less clueless than the rest. Can we deport them back to Mexico, now?

Magical thinking was prominent in the tax plans of all the candidates. The operating principle: give more money to rich people and enormous growth will rain down from the heavens. This principle, though quite dear to the rich, has zero historic or economic support.

Carly Fiorina is a pretty skilled liar.

I still think Carson must have removed half of his own brain.

Kasich is really annoying, but be might be the only one of them who wouldn't destroy the country in his first term.


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