Harvard Prof Beats Up Teenage Girl

Too bad that headline is as bogus as a Trump tweet. For one thing, Lubosh is an former Harvard prof and his target, who is apparently a Harvard Junior, is likely 20 or 21. The Lumonator did take on Harvard Crimson staff writer Nian Hu for her rather formulaic column entitled: Beware the Male Feminist.

So far as I can tell, her substantive message is "Hey girls, that guy in the pussy hat spouting fem-speak may be using it as a ploy to get into your pants!"

She pads this message with some femi-militancy right out of formulary:

What these male feminists fail to realize is that, as men, they will always be oppressors. ...

On the contrary, feminism is a radical and revolutionary movement that will upheave the status quo and remove men as the monopolizers of power. In general, people don’t like to lose power, especially when they’ve had it for so long. Feminism is not supposed to be palatable to men; it is supposed to be threatening.

OK...but I'd like to concentrate on this bit:

Men, as a class, are culpable for misogyny, and male allies are no different ...

I think feminism goes off the rails when it seeks it's inspiration in Marx and Class Struggle. Men aren't a class - they are a gender, a sex. Classes were a cultural artifact of the agricultural revolution, but genders are a biological construct of a couple of billion years of evolution. Of course I think Marx is nuts too, but confusing feminism with some kind of class struggle is - excuse me - an undergraduate mistake.


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