Beauty in Physics

Bee has been on a tear against the concept of beauty in physics. She has even written a book about it. It won't be out for a few months, so of course I haven't read it, but I have my doubts. My short list of beautiful ideas in physics:

(a)Kepler's Laws

(b)Newtonian physics

(c)Newtonian gravity

(d)Lagrangian mechanics

(e)The Principle of Least Time

(f)Hamiltonian mechanics

(g)Faraday's Law

(h)Maxwell's Equations

(i)Planck's Black Body Law

(j)The Bohr-Rutherford atom

(k)De Broglie's relation

(l)Schroedinger's equation

(m)Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle

(n)Dirac's Equation

(o)Special Relativity

(p)General Relativity

(q)Feynman's path integrals

(r)The gauge principle

Is there an ugly law that worked?


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