Say What?

My hearing isn't what it used to be. Actually, it hasn't been that great ever since rifle training. Anyway, I now find it hard hear softly spoken speech in background noise.

I mention this because I took my Ancient Philosophers exam today and noticed that one of the questions was not grammatical enough for me to decipher it. I pointed this out when I turned in my exam and the teacher said a sentence or two to me, which I didn't manage to understand. I asked, but didn't hear that answer either - she was speaking softly so as not to bother the other students. So I have a few theories:

(1)"No, you dolt, it's perfectly clear."

(2)"Buzz off, and never darken my classroom door again!"

(3)"We will take your point under advisement."

What do you think? Should I just withdraw from the class or attend the next class and take my chances? I am getting a bit tired of trying to compare and contrast Parmenides' outlandish theories with the only slightly less daft ideas of Empedocles.


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