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I was scanning Intertube headlines when I came across this one: Why Understanding Passing Is Key to Appreciating FX’s Pose.  Now I don't know anything about FX's Pose, though I assume that it must have something to do with soccer, because that's where passing can really be the key.  Who really understands passing, I asked myself?  Spain, that's who.  Of course you also have to finish, and play defense, which is where Spain could have done a bit better against Morocco.  It was a good game, though I was a bit disappointed when Spain pulled out a draw.

Anyway, I started reading the article:
Blanca Rodriguez (MJ Rodriguez)—of FX’s excellent, groundbreaking new series, Pose—has had enough. She’s frustrated that her ideas for ball costumes keep getting stolen by house mother Elektra Abundance (Dominique Jackson), and having recently been diagnosed with HIV, she’s thinking of her legacy. 
I mean uniforms are important, but does this really have a place in an article ostensibly about football technique?  Anyway, I got distracted and never got to the part about Spain's secrets.


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