You're a Queer One, Jimmy Jordan*

Jim Jordan, attack dog for Trumpistan and possible candidate for Speaker of the House, has run into a bit of flak on his own history.  Jordan is famous for his attacks on the Department of Justice, Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, and any other threat to the Trump-Putin love fest.  He's not especially bright, but he is a real asshole, at least in his Committee hearings.

His problem is that he spent 8 years as an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State, when, as has been revealed, the team was mired in a "cesspool of sexual deviancy and molestation" led by two team doctors.  Jordan has denied knowing anything about it, but several team members have now called him a liar.

William Saletan points out that even if what he now claims were true, his own standards in attacking his foes condemn him.  Item 1 of several:

1. You’re responsible for what happens on your watch. In 2013, Jordan berated then-FBI Director Robert Mueller for not knowing details about an FBI investigation of the IRS. Last fall, after Mueller took charge of the Russia investigation, Jordan suggested that Mueller was corrupt because he “was running the FBI when the whole Uranium One deal was going down.” At a hearing last week, Jordan accused Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein of redacting information from documents in order to deceive Congress. He also claimed that Rosenstein had told FBI agent Peter Strzok not to answer questions from Congress. Rosenstein explained that he’d given Strzok no such instructions, nor had he made the redactions. Jordan dismissed these excuses, reminding Rosenstein: “You’re the boss.”
*With apologies to Rogers, Hammerstein, and everybody involved with Carousel.


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