Heart of a Dragon

For me, the Warriors vs. Rockets series this year was one of the most incredibly dramatic ever.  Every game was ferociously contested, and dramatic elements were abundant.  Steph Curry goes down with a dislocated finger.  James Harden has both eyes injured and bloody.  Both come back, and Harden continues to play brilliantly.  Curry, with injured finger and ankle, has several weak games.

For the first five games, each team holds its own court, with Warriors barely winning game five after their best player, maybe the best player in basketball, Kevin Durant, goes out for the series with a leg injury.

Back to Houston, with its Hall of Fame backcourt of Harden and Chris Paul, ferocious power forward P J Tucker, and deadeye shooter Eric Gordon.  Warrior's Klay Thompson is deadly for the first half.  Rocket James Harden, maybe the most unstoppable offensive player in basketball, matches him.  Curry has his first scoreless playoff half in history.

The final half was an epic see-saw battle, but Curry is back, and deadly, and his 33 points doomed the Rockets.

Really disappointed in Jeff van Gundy's commentary.  He said that the Warriors were lucky to win (True), and that the game had lots of errors (also True), and that the Rockets heroic resistance didn't matter.  The man has no music in his soul.


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