Tractatus Philosophicus

Socrates was the wisest man in Athens, but the only thing he knew was that he knew nothing.  What did the second wisest man in Athens know?

Descartes concluded that he existed because he thought.  What did he think?

Schopenhauer believed that the World consisted of Will and Idea.  Who was Will?

Bertrand Russell concocted a fundamental challenge to set theory based on the old puzzle that in a certain town the barber shaved only those who did not shave themselves.  Who shaved Bertrand Russell?

Thales is considered the first Greek philosopher.  He believed everything in the World consisted of water.  How many times did Thales have to get up to pee every night?

Saint Thomas Aquinas found seventeen proofs that God existed.  How many proofs do we have that Aquinas existed?

Baruch Spinoza identified God and Nature.  Did he pick them out of a lineup, or what?  Was either one ever convicted?

Karl Marx invented Dialectical Materialism.  He is mostly famous for his really great beard.  What dialect did he actually speak?


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