The Boylan Affair

Glenn Greenwald has a series of posts on an email he received from General Pretraeus's chief spokesman, Colonel Steven Boylan. Or apparently received, since Boylan has since vacillated between denying that he sent the email and being evasive. Whoever sent it, if not Boylan, did a good job of fabricating the email headers, not to mention Boylan's literary style.

It seems to have started with Greenwald noting that the military seems to have become politized, with Petraeus in particular plugging into right wing blogs and news sources.

One rumor has it that Petraeus has expanded his horizons beyond Iraq, and is contemplating high political office - say the Vice Presidency.

Whether or no, politization of the military stinks. It might be time for Congress to take a look.

Read Glenn for the details.


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