Fear and Loathing in NH

26 % of the votes in and it's starting to look pretty bleak here in Obamaville. Confident predictictions of a crush seem out the window. At this point, any victory for Obama will be great, but it's starting to seem unlikely. For Hillary, living to campaign again seems certain. A grim prospect of Hillary vs. McCain and another Republican President looms.

UPDATE: Hillary wins. The Bradley effect wins. Bush's war wins. The bullshit pollsters lose big. I suspect Edwards is done, but this is a season for surprises, so who knows.

Did Hillary benefit from the universal media prediction of her demise? Probably. Did she benefit from a sympathy vote? Who can guess? Did she benefit from New Hampshire contrariness? Maybe. Is the race now wide open? I think so.

UPDATE II. Curiouser. All pre-election polls showed Obama with a substantial or even huge lead. Exit polls showed him winning more narrowly. But Hillary wins decisively. The Bradley effect? What kind of voting machines does NH use, I wonder? (Paper ballots, it seems).


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