Andrew Sullivan

If you aren't reading Andrew Sullivan, you are probably missing a lot.  Among today's hits, thylacines, Abbottabad (poem), Muslim humiliation, and this:
Alex Carp interviewed architect Eyal Weizman:

People tell you that architecture is built to protect you against the elements. Primarily architecture is built to protect you from other people. More interesting for me is the way in which power operates through an ability to both control and interrupt.

Look at Gaza, bounded by a perimeter fence that is its master. How many calories should enter into Gaza? Israeli soldiers sit and calculate this, which has been documented by NGOs. Two thousand one hundred calories per adult male, one thousand seven hundred calories per adult woman, then children according to gender and age, and that’s what’s flowing. Or electricity. How many megawatts should be allowed in? How much water should enter? That’s what the wall does—it’s a membrane that regulates and controls people by modulating flows, rather than being simply, in the medieval sense of the word, a fortification.

I used to disagree with Andy about everything, but these days he seems to be getting smarter.


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