Finally, it seems, we have gotten bin Laden.  It seems impossible to believe that he was hiding in a mansion in Islamabad without the connivance of Pakistani intelligence, or major elements of it.

Time to get the hell out of Afghanistan.  If, as seems likely, Pakistan was demonstrably aiding bin Laden, some revenge is in order, but not by military means.  Just don't give them another penny, don't let them trade with the US, and don't let them do any other business that we can thwart.

UPDATE:  It's claimed (at least by Pakistan) that the ISI (Pakistani intelligence) led the US to bin Laden.  If so, it was damn late.  I'm far from sure that that gets Pakistan off the hook.  Maybe Obama squeezed them hard enough to make them give him up - I would sure like to know more.

UPDATE II: It looks like word of Pakistani cooperation was bogus. 


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