I don't know much about Occupy Wall Street, or its offshoots. Their slogans don't seem very coherent ("End Corporate Greed"). But I do understand where they are coming from. They believe that a cabal of politicians and their corporate funders managed to loot the economy for the benefit of a few and then wreck it. In this, I think, they are largely correct.

It would perhaps be satisfying to start carting politicians, bankers and hedge fund managers off to the guillotine in tumbrels, but probably also not very productive. The real question is what to do about it. Unfortunately, Obama, on such rare occasions when he shows evidence of having a clue, seems incapable of implementing anything. The Republicans, merrily engaged in mass economic sabotage, are never held to account by press or president.

Next November we will probably a Republican who has pledged to double down on all the disastrous policies that got us into this mess. At best we get a President who might be older and wiser, but who has yet to show any talent for political combat.


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