Bacile, Jones, Romney and al Quaeda

An idiotic film made by a man calling himself Sam Bacile and promoted by Quaran burner Terry Jones was the pretext of riots in Egypt that claimed an American flag and other riots in Libya that apparently served as cover for a murderous attack on the American consulate that killed an American ambassador and three other   Americans.

Al Quaeda and other enemies of America constantly seek for pretexts to stir up anger against us and Jones and Bacile are their willing accomplices.  Unfortunately, Mitt Romney doesn't seem much better.  He used these events to promote his candidacy at the expense of American security and that of our diplomats.

Bacile, the main provocateur here, seems to be a pseudonym.  He represented himself as a Jewish-Israeli American, but is likely someone quite different - quite possibly a convicted fraudster.  His funders are mysterious, but if the Republican campaign is involved, Romney is done for.


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