The Bad Guys

It has been suggested that my "critique" of the Republican party base is the moral (or rather immoral) equivalent of the Republican's demonization of Obama.  Is it?  Well I did call them "feverish, Christianist, elderly, uneducated and often racist ..."   

That is pretty impolite, but can I claim truth as a defense?  Polls and results show that the strongest support for Romney comes from white southern males, that the elderly and evangelical Christians are over-represented.   How about "feverish?"  Despite the fact that I hardly conceal my political point of view, I continue to get these emails making hysterical claims that Obama is some secular or otherwise version of the Anti-Christ, birther non-sense, and otherwise unfounded and hysterical projections of doom by Obama.  I have never, ever, ever received anything remotely analagous from Democrats.  Similar stuff is spouted or coyly countenanced by Republicans great and small as well as the ever present right-wing noise machine of talk radio, Fox, and Sinclair.

"Uneducated" was probably an overreach.  On average, Republicans may be slightly more educated than Democrats, but their ideology has a lot of elements of essential stupidity: evolution denial, climate change denial, etc.  Let me apologize for "uneducated' and substitute "willfully ignorant."


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