Aboot Those Cold and Snowy Winters...

In Europe and the northern US. Eli assembles the evidence that decreased Arctic ice is a major player: dat Wabbett

The evidence comes from models, observations and the way they match. Eli is careful to point out that the case is not yet iron clad, but the ring appears to be closing.

That nasty drought in the Southwest and South Central US is there in the pictures too.

Might get a little hard to sympathize with drought stricken farmers in those states that keep electing climate deniers to Congress. Our special attention, though, ought to be directed to North Carolina, where the State has actually made it illegal to take climate change into account in coastal planning. Next big hurricane - let's not be too quick to bail them out - financially, I mean - I'm not advocating the kind of "let the Democrats drown" approach Rove and Bush took to New Orleans.


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