Chess on the Intertubes

Internet chess seems to bring out the worst in some players. I was playing some guy today who happened to be about 120 points higher rated than me. This guy plays a clever opening and I quickly get seriously behind, but I manage to gin up an attack on his king. He makes a couple of defensive slips and now I have both a material advantage and the king attack. He asks for a take back. Well, I don't ask for takebacks and I don't allow them when we are playing for ratings points. He asks for a draw, repeatedly. I decline. He plays on for a bit and gets some counterplay - he is the higher rated player, after all, but then he drops a piece. Same drill. Next he simply stops moving, so I have to sit there while his clocks very slowly runs down. Childish behavior, yes, but when time finally expires he curses me out and vows never to play me again - a consumation devoutly to be wished.


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