White Out

Population estimates from the Census bureau indicate that last year was the first year on record for which white deaths outnumbered white births. From the WP:

More white people died in the United States last year than were born, a surprising slump coming more than a decade before the Census Bureau says that the ranks of white Americans will likely drop with every passing year.

Population estimates for 2012 released Thursday show what’s known as a natural decrease — a straightforward calculation of births minus deaths — of about 12,400 people among the nation’s 198 million non-Hispanic whites.

This seems to be the result of a couple of trends, the aging of the white population, and declining birth rate among whites plus some Great Recession caused delays in marriage and child bearing. The median ages of Asians (34), Blacks (32), and Hispanics (28) are all much less than those of Whites (42).

Whites will continue to be the majority for a while, but it's easy to see why the farther seeing among Republicans are rethinking some of their more racist ideas.


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