The New Mexico Monsoon Has Arrived

Yes, it's here at last. Our rainy season, such as it is. We have been seeing hints, for a couple of weeks. A little verga here, a New Mexico six inch rain* there. With any luck, the desert will bloom, the rabbits will proliferate, and the coyotes will get something to eat besides cats and small dogs.

So today we had real rain, not Rains of Ranchipur** rain, nor even streets a foot deep in sand washed out of the desert rain, but enough to water the lawn.

And yes, in southern New Mexico, this counts as news.

* Drops six inches apart on my windshield.

** I've never seen this movie, but the trailer made a great impression on my youth. I watched it as a preview to one of the Westerns I got to see for 35 cents on Saturdays. It certainly seemed to be raining a lot. I don't seem to remember anything about any of them.


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