My Idiotic Stance on the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

For Lee, who came up with the description.

My stance, such as it is, is that the two should stop killing each other and make peace. I don't have any better ideas as to how this can be accomplished than anyone else, but the alternatives look pretty grim to me.

Lee suggested that it was "my stance" that enraged Wolfgang, but if you check the record here: Our Israel Problem you will see that the statement that he called "delusional" was the well documented fact/claim that Israel has taken a lot of Palestinian land by force and fear. He could have either justified those seizures or tried to deny them, but he chose to insult and run - what Lee called a "rational response."

However, I do have a lot of guilt about chasing Wolfgang off. That guilt is based on feeling I have that what really angered him was my saying that the people most responsible for Israel were both Austrians, Hitler and Herzl. That was a nasty, nationalist comment and I regret it.

As a kid I learned that "Germans and Austrians" had murdered a bunch of my relatives and millions of Jews and others. Of course neither Wolfgang nor any significant fraction of his countrymen were even born them, so pretending to hold them responsible is despicable and irrational, and I sincerely apologize for this lapse into unreasonable prejudice. Anger brings these evil demons to the fore.

Oh well.


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