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Florida's pinhead governor apparently issued a "secret" order that State officials not mention the words "cl****e ch***e" or "gl***l wa****g". This despite, or perhaps because no State is more threatened by rising sea levels. From Steve Benen's story:

Everyone had a good laugh the other day when an official from Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s (R) administration tried to get through a legislative hearing on emergency preparedness without using the words “climate change.” But before the story fades from view, it’s worth pausing to appreciate the substantive question behind the humor.

At issue is a FEMA requirement that states develop a “climate-change plan” in order to receive preparedness dollars. This became literally laughable in the Florida example – Scott’s chief of emergency management said the state will eventually have a hazard-mitigation plan with “language to that effect.”

So why would someone purportedly elected to safeguard the interests of the citizens of the State purposefully, albeit somewhat comically, attempt to suppress the mention of a major threat to those interests? I have a theory. Some of those citizens, or at least some of those interests, have different interests than the general populace and a lot more money. Miami, for example, is undergoing a frenzy of sea side condo building. Enthusiasm for these condos might be figuratively dampened by publicity about the fact that their foundations are about to be literally dampened by encroaching sea water.


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