A Really Big Collider

Bee has been waging a multipronged attack on building a bigger collider.  She has lots of reasons why it's a bad idea.  I'm pretty sure she wouldn't like my idea either, but here goes: It's been an immensely fruitful strategy for at least 150 years.  Of course that's pretty modest evidence that it will continue to be.

She likes to claim that previous colliders always knew what they were looking for.  That's far from the case.

I do have an idea how such decisions should be made.  I think a general convocation of leading experts in every branch of science should be called and everyone can make their case.  Then the funders should decide who gets how much.  Similar procedures are already used in Astronomy and perhaps some other sciences, but this would be all all.  Of course individual funders could make their own decisions.


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