Rosenstein and GuildenBarr

Aside from the from the ridiculously transparent Barr/Rosenstein cover up, the other puzzle is how Mueller managed to whiff on what seems to have been a chest high slowball over the middle of the plate.  Despite overwhelming evidence, much of it public view, he wasn't quite convinced that Trump was guilty of obstruction.  Why not?  Well, he couldn't read Trump's mind, he claimed.  I guess all those people convicted of obstruction have more transparent minds than the guy whose every thought is a tweet.

Among other enduring mysteries, there is the question of why he didn't interview Trump.  Was he intimidated by Trump's transparent attempts at obstruction, afraid of being kicked out of the Republican club, or what?  The no-collusion conclusion was also weird.  Many instances of contacts between the Trump campaign and the Russians were found, and these transparently were attempts to use a foreign power to influence the election.  Not a crime says Mueller.

Clearly, the public's faith in Mueller was misplaced.  In the end he looks like a Barr buddy and just another Republican hack, put in place to jail a few minor actors while letting the key culprits walk.

UPDATE: Barr lied.  Mueller found plenty of evidence of obstruction, but concluded that the because he wasn't permitted to indict the President, he had to pass the action to Congress.  There was also cooperation between the campaign and the Russians.


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