Righteous Spears

Mike T. weighed in with an attack on our buddy Chucky D. in the comments below. I don't know Mike, and don't recall seeing him here before, so I suppose we probably won't see him again. I'm a little bit sorry because there are lots of questions I would like to ask him, mainly about motive, but partly about belief.

What motivates a guy to go out to a small-time blog and attack the mighty fortress of Darwin, armed only with the twin spears of ignorance and folly? And why throw in that rather improbable bit about having studied advanced physics and chemistry? I suppose it is possible that Mike is being truthful in that regard, but it's pretty hard, as Lee noted, to believe that he actually absorbed the content of those courses if he thinks Darwinian natural selection violates the second law of thermodynamics.

Anyway, Mike, come on by. We love you even if you are a sinner - against logic, reason, and even maybe that old Ninth Commandment.


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