I occasionally marvel at the credulousness of my fellow citizens. An older conservative friend of mine sometimes spams me with right wing emails. One of them was the "Obama madrassa" lie. Another was some two or three year old White House press release about how many schools had been painted in Iraq, etc., etc.

What planet have the people who read and believe this crap been living on? It still astounds me. Even a liberal and anti-war friend of mine wondered aloud about why were the Iraqis so crazy with hate for each other.

It had never occurred to him, I guess, that Iraq wasn't like that under Saddam or before Saddam. Shia were treated badly by Saddam, but they lived among the Sunni and intermarried with them. The civil war in Iraq today is almost purely Bush's creation - his creation and the creation of Rumsfeld and his clueless generals.

There are still those out there who argue that Bush deserves another chance in Iraq - another chance to spend the lives of our soldiers to maintain a bit longer the fiction that he hasn't lost the war. Haven't they noticed that everything Bush, Cheney, and Rice have said has been proved a lie? Haven't they noticed that neither the military, the country, nor the congress believe that the latest plan has a chance. Now that the American Enterprise Institute and Fred Kagan, the original proponent of the surge have disowned the plan, the only two people backing in in Washington are the two biggest screwups to ever reach the top of the American government.


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