The Human Touch

I needed to stop by the bank to pick up some cash for lunch and stuff, but I wasn't going that direction, so I decided to stop at a branch that I knew was on the way. Problem: a quick drive around failed to find the ATM. Well, there were several drive through lanes open so I decided to try one of them. I hadn't done this for a while, so I just sent my ATM card and asked for the money.

Not so simple. They sent back the little container thingy with some paperwork to fill out and a request for another form of ID. Sent it back with my driver's license. Oops again. I had forgotten to fill out a crucial line on the form. Sent the cylinder down the zoom zoom tube again, finally getting my money. Things get so complicated when people are involved.

This place will be much simpler once they manage to replace all of them.


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