Obama's Rwanda?

As a President who inherited two idiotic "tar baby" interventions from his predecessor, Obama is reluctant to launch on any more, but the current turmoil in African and the Middle East seems different. In each case, a major indigenous revolt against an oppressive dictator has been launched, and in each case Obama has dillied and dallied on the sidelines, speaking out of both sides of his mouth, afraid to take sides. In Tunisia and Egypt, that didn't stop the rebels.

The situation in Libya seems different. It looks like the people are largely against Qaddafi, but Qaddafi has modern weapons and has used them ruthlessly. Obama speaks nonsense about "tightening the noose" on Qaddafi but seems paralyzed at the thought of going beyond empty rhetoric. Most signs indicate that the slaughter of Benghazi will begin soon.

The fight against Qaddafi will continue, but next time rebels there and elsewhere will look elsewhere for inspiration - perhaps to al Queada.


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