That's Entertainment

In less civilized times, so I have heard, insane people used to be paraded through the streets and put on display for the entertainment of the less insane.

If you think we have gone beyond that, you probably haven't been following television infotainment. A guy with obvious symptoms of a manic psychotic break is on display everywhere (NBC, ABC, etc). Here is a list of classic symptoms:

■Extreme optimism
■Inflated self-esteem
■Poor judgment
■Rapid speech
■Racing thoughts
■Aggressive behavior
■Agitation or irritation
■Increased physical activity
■Risky behavior
■Spending sprees or unwise financial choices
■Increased drive to perform or achieve goals
■Increased sex drive
■Decreased need for sleep
■Inability to concentrate
■Careless or dangerous use of drugs or alcohol
■Frequent absences from work or school
■Delusions or a break from reality (psychosis)
■Poor performance at work or school

Charlie Sheen seems to be roughly eighteen for eighteen. If he can't be institutionalized, his exes ought to at least try to protect their children.


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