Dem Debates: Group Stage A

I've now looked at a few of the reactions by the media and am totally unimpressed.  In my opinion, nobody looked great and nobody looked very bad, except Tim Ryan, who got gutted by Tulsi Gabbard for his ill-considered blather about needing to "stay engaged" in Afghanistan.  His weak comeback that if we let the Taliban thrive, they would fly planes at our towers again was destroyed when Gabbard pointed out that the Taliban didn't attack us, it was al Qaeda, and they came from Saudi Arabia, not Afghanistan.

Nobody in the media elite seemed to find this interesting in the least.  The questions the moderators asked were not as stupid as those we have seen in past debates, but they weren't very pointed either.  Washington Governor Inslee, running on climate change, was challenged by somebody who pointed out that carbon taxes had failed in his state as well as in France and Australia.

Nobody talked about the cost of any of the extravagant programs proposed - probably impossible in the 1 minute answer format - and very little was said about the problems of Medicare by the Medicare for all crowd - though one obscure candidate pointed it out.

I'm a political junkie, though obviously not like the pros, but I suspect that none of us see this  stuff the way the public will.

Pretty much everybody here was playing softball, but taking on Trump will take somebody with an instinct for the jugular.  So far I like Gabbard in this role.


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