Not Enough Guns

The Golden State Warriors started the playoffs with three of the greatest shooters in the game.  This tended to obscure the fact that they didn't really have any others who could consistently hit the open three.  Once their number one scorer went down they struggled but battled their way into the finals, with Klay and Steph consistently doubled.  Even when Klay went down, they were in the game until the final seconds.

Toronto had at least seven guys who could shoot, and six who were hitting threes.  In the end, they had more strength in numbers.

Next year looks tough for the Warriors, even if both Klay and KD sign up for more.  Both are likely to miss much or all of next season.

They badly need a quality shooting guard or two and a stretch 4 who can hit the corner 3.  A center who could put up big numbers would also be nice.

Dynasties tend to be brief in today's NBA.  Free agency, the salary cap, and the wear and tear of 100 plus games combine to bring down the mighty.


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