A Humane And Effective Immigration Policy

I start with three fundamental principles: 1) We don't want unlimited immigration, 2)We need much of the labor our millions of undocumented immigrants provide, 3)Our policies should be as humane as possible consistent with 1 and 2.

Current policy targets the undocumented with terror campaigns but almost always ignores employers.  My policy would reverse this - only the employers of undocumented immigrants would be targeted.   If ICE were to raid, say, a Trump enterprise and found 100 undocumented workers, the workers would be ignored but the employer would be fined on a sliding scale - say $100 for one undocumented, $1000 for each more than ten, and $10,000 for each more than 40.  Higher fines if necessary to suppress illegal employment.  This would be far easier to enforce than current policies targeting individual workers.  There would be no sanctions for the individual workers, though they would likely lose their jobs.

Guest worker programs:  Many more guest workers would be permitted.  Employers currently employing illegals would have the opportunity to convert such positions to guest worker positions.

Guest workers would be permitted to bring their families, and would get social security benefits.  Any children living in the US for more than six years before age 18 would automatically get citizenship, and guest workers living in the US for more than six years would get Green Cards.

Felony convictions would result in suspension of guest worker privileges and expulsion.


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