India Stirs the Pot in Kashmir

There is plenty of blame to go around in the long running India-Pakistan conflict over Kashmir, but the latest move comes from India.  Kashmir is a popular contender in the "most likely to trigger a nuclear war" trouble spot lottery, and India got a bloody nose in their last attempt to gin up a conflict there, so why now?

Beats me, but religious fanatics in India seem to be driving the bus now.
Government authorities severed internet connections, mobile phone lines and even land lines, casting Kashmir into an information black hole that made it very difficult to discern what was unfolding.
For years, India’s Hindu nationalists have wanted to curtail the special freedoms enjoyed by Kashmir, a mountainous, predominantly Muslim territory that has turned into a tinderbox between India and Pakistan, both of which wield nuclear arms.
If another conflict starts there, and it turns nuclear, there would likely be millions of casualties, many of them in neighboring China, which would be unlikely to sit idly by.


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