The Worst

So who is really the worst President of the last 75 years or so?  Three major contenders have to be Nixon, W. Bush, and Trump.  Nixon was the only one driven out of office for his criminal conduct, but the fact is, he did some good stuff too, so let's drop him as a contender.  Trump is a terrible president, a rotten human being, and quite likely far gone into senility.  He is also likely a traitor. 

By contrast, Bush seems to be a decent and personable human being, but I still have to give him the ribbon.  Evidence:

1) He was warned that bin Laden was planning a big attack on the US, but instead of acting, he mocked his briefer and did nothing - thousands of Americans died.

2) After the attack, he rushed to spirit the bin Laden family out of the country, shielding them from interrogation.  He also actively covered up the heavy involvement of Saudis in the attack.

3) He made only a half-hearted attempt to capture bin Laden, and let him escape in order to pursue a war against a completely uninvolved nation, Iraq.  Thousands more Americans dead, tens of thousands wounded, and perhaps hundreds of thousands of Iraqi victims.

4) He played air guitar while New Orleans drowned - thousands more Americans dead.

5) He left us with two unwinnable wars which continue to this day.

6) He deliberately chose to relax regulation on Wall Street and big banks, who proceeded to cause the worst recession since the great depression.

Trump's Presidency is still young, but he will need to go a ways to match W's disasters.


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