The 200 Club

The nations that have suffered more that 200,000 Covid-19 infections are members of a Hall of Shame that right now has only six members: Britain, Italy, Spain and new recruits Brazil and Russia, and of course the US, which has more infections than the next six nations combined.  Comparing these losers to the countries which have had many fewer, like New Zealand and South Korea suggests the role of government incompetence.  An even more disastrous performance is that of Belgium, which at least has the excuse of hardly having any government.

I know a lot about the sorry performance of the Trump regime, and a bit about the mistakes of Britain and Sweden - another unpopulated loser, but not so much about what went wrong elsewhere.  Of course Brazil is ruled by a Trump knockoff bozo, and Russia by Putin, but what about them.

Anybody have any clues?


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