Well that was Lame: John Locke

One of my besetting faults is a tendency to want to begin at the beginning - a tendency sometimes useful but often disastrous.  So it was in my encounter with noted political philosopher John Locke.  The mistake I made was starting with the first of his two treatises on government.  It is, it turns out, intended to be a "confutation" of the work of Sir John Filmer, an extreme defender of the divine right of kings.  The divine right proposition doesn't have that many modern defenders - Donald Trump and William Barr being the only ones I can think of - so I quickly found Locke's argument tedious.

I only got a short way into the book, but it seems that Filmer derived this supreme authority from the primacy of Adam but didn't otherwise  justify it.  So one sentence was all the argument I needed. 

Consequently, in my Encounter with Prominent Philosophers contest, we have:

Locke - |1|

Measure - 0


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