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According to the New York Times, Bush Says He Might Consider Newcomers for High Court.

In fact, said Bush:
"Would I be willing to consider people who had never been a judge?" Mr. Bush said. "And the answer is, 'You bet.' "

Mr. Bush said he had had "a very good meeting" on Tuesday with Senate leaders of both parties, who had encouraged him to look beyond the federal judiciary for candidates to replace the retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

"We're considering all kind of people," Mr. Bush said after a Cabinet meeting today. "Judges, non-judges. Laura gave me some good advice yesterday, which is to consider women. Which, of course I'm doing." First Lady Laura Bush said she would be pleased if... nominated to fill Justice O'Connor's seat.
We have received word that, should Chief Justice Rehnquist also leave, Karl Rove is likely to nominated for the post. He is considered a dependable conservative, but a recess appointment might be needed.

In some cases we have adopted Ken Mehlman style quotation in this piece.


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