The Evil Men Do...

No one should confuse me with a fan of Jerry Fallwell, but I couldn't really approve of Christopher Hitchens' tirade against him on Anderson Cooper's show. Nonetheless, it did provoke Fox News into inviting him onto Hannity and Colmes , together with that moral paragon and former partner in Jack Abramoff's indian casino scams, Ralph Reed. The main business of the segment was to berate Hitchens for his "insensitivity" and generally rude treatment of the departed.

In choosing to engage Hitchens in a battle of wits, though, the gang of three had brought spoons to a knife fight, and Hitch quickly dismembered the still twitching bodies of their arguments.

You can find the evidence here on youtube. A highlight for me is where, with time running out, Hitchens tells Hannity that the time needed for an answer had been taken by Hannity's long, moronic question. He did a good job of slapping around Hannity's co-buffoons as well.


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