Why We Hate Congress

For those of us who think we elected a Democratic Congress to oppose George Bush and his evil works, there is nothing more infuriating than to have that Congress weakly cave in to one of Bush's scams.

It seems that the special FISA court overseeing Bush's spying on Americans secretly ruled that some of Bush's spying was illegal. In trying to get a new law passed to his liking, Bush decided to admit this. Congress and the Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell negotiated a new spying bill that would have permitted more spying but required review by the FISA court within 10 days of wiretaps. Bush waited until just before Congress's August adjournment to reject the deal. He wanted Attorney General Alberto F#$&@*& Gonzales to be the approving authority.

The Senate made a few feeble gestures of resistance, Bush shook the chains and mumbled "Terruh, terruh, terruh!" and the Senate caved. The only paltry compromises they extracted were requiring FISA review after four months and requiring renewal in six months. Fredo is still the approver. Maybe they expect to grow spines in the next six months.


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