Conspiracy Theory

In the pre-Bush days, I scoffed at conspiracy theories, but by now I'm more than a bit paranoid. A bizarre crime goes unsolved for seven years, and all the evidence oddly points toward the chief germ warfare lab of the United States. The sophisticated nature of the agent demonstrates a technical mastery implausible in an amateur operation. The strain is one favored by US investigators. A peripheral figure is persecuted and hounded out of job and friends on the thinnest of evidence - after the story has been leaked to the New York Times.

Meanwhile, back at Fort Detrick, a prominent Anthrax investigator is having red signs painted all over his back - psychiatric and counselor testimony paints him as a lifelong psychopath with homicidal fantasies and tendencies. Not, however, till the Bush administration winds down, does anybody find this strange enough to remove him from contact with our most deadly agents.

Shortly thereafter, just as the FBI is getting ready to move in, he commits suicide. Is the FBI in the habit of announcing to homicidal multiple murderers that it's planning to arrest them?

This case stinks to the heavens.

UPDATE: As usual Glenn Greenwald is there first, and he has lots of incriminating details. Like the way the language was phrased to sound like it came from Islamic terrorists, and the confidential info give to Richard Cohen before the attacks, and the multiple high government sources telling ABC news identifying the Anthrax as coming from Iraq.

UPDATE II: For a less strident but informative version, check out this in the NYT


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